Innsbrook Resort

I served as a marketing associate for Innsbrook Resort for about a year between 2015-16. During that time I had many different responsibilities varying from creating print collateral, email marketing and photographing throughout the resort.

Catalog-of-Properties-May 2016-1.jpg

Monthly Real

Estate Books

One of my major responsibilities was maintaining a monthly real estate book. This included photographing all of the newly added properties, writing the copy, laying out new pages and updating maps of the resort.  

Village Views 

Another major responsibility of mine was to help with the redesign of the Village Views, Innsbrook's weekly newsletter that is distributed throughout the resort. After the redesign I assumed the role laying it out on a weekly basis. Along with printing the paper copy I would also update our App's version of the Village Views as well. 

Innsbrook's Golf Email Club

Using Infusionsoft I would write and send a weekly or bi-weekly golf email advertising upcoming events for the golf course and clubhouse. This would be sent to roughly 6,000 addresses and had an open rate in line with industry standards.