SpaceX - A Look to the Future


The Largest Rocket Ever

One of my largest passions is rocket launch vehicle design and one of the leading companies is SpaceX. They have been leading the way in terms of private spacecraft for the last ten years and are looking to lead the way into the future. I produced this graphic in late 2014 as a part of an education campaign trying to target high school aged STEM minded students to be produced as a 16"x24" poster that could be placed in science classrooms.  

To create this poster, I did extensive research into the specs of the current rockets as well as reading and sifting through the numerous rumors surrounding what is now being called the Interplanetary Transport System but at the time was known as the Falcon XX with the human carrying capsule known as the Mars Colonial Transporter.

Following that I was able to locate a Blender model of both the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy, I then borrowed the engine nozzles, strongback arm, and base from those models and created the body of Falcon XX using Cinema 4D. I lit the scene and added in volumetric clouds and stars in Cinema 4D and rendered that out as a high resolution file. In InDesign I added the copy, headlines and the logo which I had built upon using their logo and incorprating Mars into it.