The Trip, The Plan

The grueling twenty hours of travel is over, kind of.

My family flew out of St. Louis to O'Hare to Heathrow to Stuttgart. To then be picked up by a 19 year-old who recently shaved his dreads off in VW Bus to drive just over three hours to a small Bavarian Municipality called Peißenberg. Finally to be reunited with Sofi, a 14 year-old who had spent about two months with my family this previous summer. It's all been a blur but we got to meet Sofi's family the Kreuzers. Andy (her father), Susanna (her mother), Vinci (her used to be dreaded brother) and Miriam (her 18 year-old sister).  

We won't be settled for long. 2am Sunday morning we embark on an eight hour down to Italy to hop on a "ferry" to Greece from there I'm not sure where I'm going to go exactly. I'm abandoning my family near the end of May to likely head over to Istanbul then start heading north through the old Yugoslavian countries back to Munich by July 7th.