Almost Two Months in Arkansas

As most of you know I started working at Arkansas State University in mid-August and here are a few select photos from my time being here. I've been traveling with our football team this season and that's been quite an adventure. I really didn't realize how crazy college football team's travel schedules are. For example for our Utah State game we had a kickoff time of 7pm MT game ended at 11pm, on the bus at midnight, to the airport by 1:15am, takeoff at 2:30am, landed at 6:30am in Memphis and finally a hour bus ride back to Jonesboro. 

Photographing Kids

My Mother is opening a preschool called Nurturing Curiosity in Frontenac. One of the many things I've done in helping to get it open is photographing some students of hers playing and having a good time. I was actually quite happy how a number of these turned out. I had pretty low expectations for these having not really shot children before. 

Washington D.C.

After being out of the States for two months it was definitely time to visit my girlfriend who was interning in Washington D.C., well technically Maryland, at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. With both of us being pretty big space nerds we had to check out the Udvar-Hazy Center National Air and Space Museum on the outskirts of D.C. It houses Space Shuttle Discovery which carried the Hubble Telescope up to orbit. Also has a SR-71 Blackbird which crazy awesome to see in person. We also went by the National Zoo and almost melted in the humidity and from the cute animals. 

Less Rural Germany

I went to a couple less rural places in Germany too. In the order of photos, Munich, Regensburg, Bamberg and Stuttgart.

In Munich, Chloe and I went to the BMW museum, walked around the Olympic Park, went to the top of St. Peter's Church to look down on the Marienplatz, and of course checked out the English Gardens and watched the surfers.

In Regensburg, I went to about a dozen different churches of many types of faiths and ages. The woman I was with, I'm beating myself up because I can't remember her name, is obsessed with churches and has lived there her whole life so I got I learned a lot about them. I was also forced to use a ton of German the weekend I was there and it was pretty awesome. By the end, I actually was feeling a lot more confident about it. 

Chloe really wanted to stay in a hostel while in Europe and our flight was out of Stuttgart. There was no way I was going to stay in a hostel the night before hopping on the international flight back home if I didn't have to. So we compromised and left Peissenberg the two days early and went to Bamberg for a night. Which is another Old German Town with a ton of history. The other thing Bamberg is famous for is BEER and I love beer. Their most famous beer is Rauchbier or Smoke Beer. Per recommendation from the Kreuzers I tried Spezial's Rauchbier because it has the best smoke flavor without tasting completely like an ashtray. 

From Bamberg we headed to Stuttgart via a train and enjoyed our last night in Germany. In Stuttgart, we checked out Porsche Museum followed by Konigstrasse for some last minute shopping. Chloe picked up some Birkenstocks for about 50% of the price in the US. Then onto the plane back home where we almost missed our flight from London to Chicago. 


Prague was a magical city. It had a very small city feel despite being very big. I was staying the Zizkov district which I'd describe as being quite hipstery. The whole town was hipster paradise, to be honest. The beer was great. When I originally got there I was only planning on staying three nights but found a free music festival was going on through weekend so I extended my weekend to be able to enjoy all of it. 

Rural Germany

The Kruezers, the family I spent a few weeks with, lives about an hour train ride outside of Munich in a small town called Peißenberg. There's also a few from outside of Regensburg where Andi's brother lives. 

I partially blame the clouds but also myself. I didn't realize until the last night I was there that with your bare eyes you can see the Milky Way because you're so far from any large cities. I mean there's more sheep and pigs in Peissenberg than humans.