Clayton Hotze

I'm Clayton Hotze and photography is a passion of mine. I've spent about five years focusing primarily on shooting sports. My latest job helped me to discover my real passion within sports; working with specific teams. In August 2016, I began working for Arkansas State University as their University Photographer, before that I spent two and a half years working for the University of Missouri Athletic Department as one of their Staff Photographers and the last year of that as their Head Staff Photographer. Currently I am looking for a jobs involving photography and graphic design.

The intimacy that I was able to achieve through photographing the same teams and the same people game after game was unparalleled compared to when I would just shot the occasional game. Not only was I able to learn how my subjects played but my subjects were able to  learn who I was and open up more to me. 

Sports photography isn't my only niche interest; I obsess over good craft beers; I cook and grill while experimenting with my own recipes;  I often find myself adrift thinking about rocket launch vehicle designs; and I get lost in the woods, preferably up in the Rocky Mountains. 


CASE IV Gold Award - Campus Environment

The James Alan Cox Foundation Scholarship

The Greater St. Louis Art Association Scholarship

3rd Place in the Missouri Congressional Art Competition

Russell and Ruth Krauss Memorial Art Scholarship

Katie Stream Memorial Scholarship